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Information Management System (LIMS) division was founded in 2002 to provide Thailand’s industries with outstanding Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) solutions. We design LIMS to meet the diverse needs of modern industries, including web and mobile application support, and are the exclusive supplier of STARLIMS products in Thailand.

STARLIMS is a thoroughly modern, 21st Century LIMS solution, 100% attuned to the needs of today’s laboratories. STARLIMS seamlessly integrates and analyzes data across instruments, sites and systems and puts powerful data management a click away with web-based, cloud-enabled support.

STARLIMS is developed with the challenges of real world dynamic industries in mind. As data volumes and regulatory strictness increase, the ultra-flexible configurability of STARLIMS empowers your organization to react to changing industry demands and stay ahead of the curve.
STARLIMS is designed to manage complex testing and workflows, and facilitate automated processes and calculations, to increase efficiency and mitigate errors.
STARLIMS seamlessly integrates the distinct elements of laboratory management that would otherwise require multiple independently managed systems.

STARLIMS distinguishes itself by offering an open system with great flexibility and the best mix of functionality and usability. This lends itself to effective application in a variety of industries including, but not limited to:
Clinical research
General manufacturing
Food and beverage
and refining
and Biotechnology
Hundreds of labs and organizations rely on STARLIMS to guarantee regulatory compliance andadherence to SOPs. STARLIMS makes it more convenient than ever to:
Document handling
and analysis history of samples
Validate analytical methods
Store and manage equipment
and maintenance histories
Enhance the credibility of testing practices and data quality to customers
and regulatory authorities, and accelerate the validation process.
STARLIMS provides effective integration of multiple sites
and disciplines, easily adjusted to suit your unique organisation.
Once you are satisfied with the configuration of your STARLIMS solution,
you can instantly deploy it globally. Authorized users can access the information they need using nothing more complicated
than a standard web browser.
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