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Mission Statement Overview

The Winnergy Holding Cell Technology and Life Science Division was established to consistently advance the standard of cell technology related clinical care Thailand. We achieve this by providing support and access to international technology to both clinics and research labs, ensuring that the standard of care in Thailand rises in parallel with what is possible.


INTERCEPT Blood System is an exceptional implementation of pathogen inactivation technology for blood products. An efficient, flexible, high throughput system, INTERCEPT is the most widely used pathogen inactivation solution for processing platelets and plasma components on a single platform. With a proven record of safety and efficacy, INTERCEPT is approved for a broad range of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and leukocytes.

INTERCEPT Blood System offers significant benefits over other approaches to blood product safety. Bacterial screening, for example, requires detection of contaminating organisms that may be below detectable threshold at the time of screening but then proliferate exponentially during storage. In contrast, INTERCEPT uses a specially developed molecule, amotosalen HCI, to neutralise pathogens. This molecule irreversibly blocks replication of pathogen DNA and RNA while leaving platelets and plasma active. The residual amotosalen is processed down to trace levels, leaving only blood products ready for transfusion.

INTERCEPT Blood System is the most widely used pathogen inactivation system capable of treating both platelets and plasma components on a single platform. Users report a significant reduction in transfusion reactions after adopting INTERCEPT, resulting in lower patient care costs. Streamlined production and platelet supply logistics due to INTERCEPT also contribute to the secondary benefit of increased overall operational efficiency.


Though cell therapy is well established as an invaluable aspect of modern healthcare, there still remains a huge amount of untapped potential in this area. Winnergy Holding Cell Technology and Life Sciences division are committed to working at the cutting edge of the field, finding the
most advanced cell therapy products worldwide and bringing them to Thailand.

Products include
The CliniMACS® cell separation system from Miltenyi Biotec, an FDA-approved method for selecting hematopoietic stem cells from donor apheresis.

MACSQuant® Flow Cytometers from Miltenyi Biotec, powerful
and flexible solutions for cell analysis.

High quality accessories and support products from Origen
Biomedical and Walk-Chemie Medical.


Winnergy Holding Cell Technology and Life Sciences division offers a wide range of support equipment for all kinds of laboratory cell-related needs.
We search the globe and apply our strict standards of quality to assure Thai laboratories have access to the best products available. Our partners include Benchmark Scientific and MRCLAB, whose reputations are built on the excellence of their engineering and quality assurance.

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