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Mission Statement Overview

The Winnergy Holding Blood Diagnostics division has been working side by side with Thailand’s blood bank agencies for over 15 years.
We are experienced in delivering goods and services expertly tailored to our clients’ conditions, working hard with our partners around the world to bring the best of the best to patient and donor care.

Grifols is a global healthcare company whose mission is to improve the health and well-being of people around the world.
The Winnergy Holding Blood Diagnostics divisions works with Grifols Diagnostic division to supply immunohematology related clinical analysis and laboratory testing tools to healthcare providers and researchers in Thailand.

NAT Solutions

The NAT Solutions portfolio offers easy-to-use tools to help high volume labs administer NAT testing, comprehensive assays, pooling and results reporting. Using automated NAT solutions, labs can reduce the learning curve and operator risks associated with manual blood screening processes while maintaining flexibility through a wide range of possible pool sizes and assay configurations.

Procleix NAT Solutions

Procleix NAT solutions screen more donors globally than any other NAT blood screening solution. Procleix NAT solutions deliver high-quality, fully automated and integrated blood screening to labs of all sizes from community blood centers to consolidated testing facilities around the world.

Infections such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C can be transmitted to patients through transfusions of infected units of blood. Blood banks screen donated blood for infectious diseases before the blood is cleared for medical use, using serology tests (immunoassays). Adding Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) provides an additional layer of safety to the blood supply

Where serology tests detect the body’s response to viral infection, NAT works by detecting the bgenetic material of the virus itself. Infected blood that was donated before the body had time to respond can be detected and removed from the supply. In this way, Procleix NAT solutions can help make the blood supply safer - many countries have noted a positive impact on public health following the implementation of NAT blood screening.

DG Gel® & Erytra®

DG Gel® is the new standard for column agglutination tests, essential for determining and researching blood groups, irregular antibodies and testing donor/recipient compatibility for transfusions. Unique Clear Card Technology takes the benefits of gel column agglutination - detection of mixed field agglutination patterns and extensive capacity for automation - and applies a unique 8-column format with optimised column design and extra-stable reagents for the utmost clarity in pre-transfusion tests.

Since no two immunohematology laboratories are identical, we offer a wide range of different instruments which can automate the DG Gel® testing process to suit your processing needs.

Erytra® is the latest development in automated DG Gel® systems - a fully automatic, high throughput, high capacity instrument for performing pre-transfusion compatibility tests. Its upright design ensures an unobtrusive footprint in even a crowded lab, while the transparent casing, process traceability and high resolution display provides full awareness of the testing process and full insight into results. Up to 96 samples, 54 reagents, and 400 DG Gel® cards (3200 tests) can be accommodated by Erytra®, with uninterrupted loading of samples and reagents and non-stop autonomy of up to 4 hours.

Helmer Scientific design, integrate, manufacture, market, and distribute specialized medical and laboratory equipment to clinical and life science customers in over 125 countries.

Helmer Scientific design, integrate, manufacture, market, and distribute specialized medical and laboratory equipment to clinical and life science customers in over 125 countries. Together, Helmer and Winnergy Holding Blood Bank Diagnostics division provide reliable, well-designed products developed especially for blood storage and processing. We offer a full range of Helmer equipment including refrigerators, freezers, platelet storage, plasma thawing and cell washing.

Centron provides products and services for over 90 countries around the world. Specialized in blood bank equipment solutions, Centron is a major provider for the Red Cross, the Red Crescent, government agencies and projects, military, major hospitals and laboratories. In partnership with Centron, Winnergy Holding Blood Bank Diagnostics division bring Thailand
the highest quality blood mixers, tube sealers and centrifuge balances.

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