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" we have been a creative leader in the past and will continue to be an innovator the future. "

we, Winergy Holding Company Limited. We believe that people’s quality of life can be significantly improved through the application of strategically unique innovations and technologies into innovative products and services.

We also believe that through the use of such products and services, our health and environments should not be harmed - so that we can contribute to make this world better and safer for our children and their children.

Therefore, we proactively seek to source externally or create internally such products and services in order to provide the best value added solution for our clients.

We aim to establish fair and mutually beneficial long term partnerships, collaborations or businesses with all those we are involved with

Mr. Nanthiya Darakananda
managing director
วินเนอร์ยี่ โฮลดิ้ง
วิสัยทัศน์ และพันธกิจ
บริษัท วินเนอร์ยี่ โฮลดิ้ง จำกัด

634/4 ซอยรามคำแหง 39 (เทพลีลา 1) ถนนประชาอุทิศ
แขวง/เขตวังทองหลาง กรุงเทพมหานคร ประเทศไทย 10310
โทร : +662 725-0888
แฟกซ์ : +662 725-0880
อีเมล : interco@winnergy.co.th



+662 725-0888


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